Team Characteristics We believe that a lean team is the important core of practicing "safety first"

The industry's strongest team experience

Teams with more than 15 years of experience account for more than 30% of all employees.
The leaders of each class, department, and group are in charge of more than 20 years of professional training and construction experience.

We believe that a lean team is the important core of practicing "safety first"

Responsibilities and Safety first

To persist in the construction time, regardless of unloading, unpacking, handling, entering the clean room or loading, lifting, unloading and installation, etc., non-company personnel are strictly prohibited from intervening in the work, with clear responsibilities and safety first.
Kai Tak strictly implements and abides by the safety rules of lifting, handling and hoisting, in order to achieve the goal of safety first.

Abide by the right way, moral supremacy

Founded over 45 years, ChiDeh has never experienced any bad situation. ChiDeh has been acting in accordance with the righteous way and upholding engineering safety rules, business and professional ethics.

Finished on schedule, mission must be completed.

With the industry's most sophisticated and complete driving operation engineering staff, with an average experience of more than ten years, we pride ourselves as the number one professional lifting engineering company in Taiwan.
In addition to introduce advanced equipment and tools, through the first-class technical experience of engineers, ChiDeh firmly believes that the project can be completed on schedule and the mission will be done regardless of the obstacle, challenge and difficulty.

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