• Origin
  • 1948s
  • 1971s
  • 1975s
  • 1979s
  • 1995s
  • 2020s
Founded in 1975, with 45 years of professional experience.
Continue to improve lifting technology and equipment to face world-class tasks
It is the perspicacity and insights of Mr. Hu PengFei, the founder of the company, to build ChiDeh.
Also thanks to the macro perspective of our chairman Hu, HanYan and the grace of the Wuji Yaochi gold mother.
Learnd from military, called
"the first place of lifting"
the founder, Mr. Hu PengFei, served in the Aviation Engineering Corps since 1948, which was Taiwan's most modern fully mechanized engineering force at the time.
He successively received the third phase of the Air Force Engineering Heavy Machinery Technical Training Course, the US Army Advisory Group Heavy Machinery Installation,
Unloading, lifting, and transport training Class I, Army Engineering School heavy machinery training Class seventh.
Lay a solid background for future mechanical engineering.
Strong strength, well recognized by the industry
The founder, Mr. Hu PengFei, has served as the lifting and crane foreman, cooperated with Ret-Ser Engineering Agency, BES Engineering Corporation, CTCI Foundation, CTCI... etc, and finish the installation projects of those companies.
At the same time, he also participated in the construction of power plants in Taichung Port, Suao Port, Jinshan, XieHe and hoisting and transport projects for major projects such as CSBC Corporation Taiwan, China Steel, CPC Corporation Taiwan Taoyaun branch, Zhongtai, CCPC Corporation, and Grand Pacofic Petrochemical Corporation.
Established Chi Deh Crane Engineering Co.,Ltd
The founder, Mr. Hu PengFei, got the dream of Yaochi Golden Mother, which advised him to take care of his body and gritted his teeth to start a business.
So he raised funds from fellow troops, neighbors in the military villages, and friends, later he started "Chi Deh Crane Engineering" with a second-hand crane. From then on, the legendary chapter of Taiwan's transportation and lifting began.
Continue to grow and dominate Taiwan Field
Catching the demands of the professional hoisting and transporting project of high-tech equipment in the Hsinchu Science Park, taking the advantage of rich experience, grasping the opportunity to invest, lead the company continously grow stronger. Outstanding reputation and high-quality services have won praise and recognition from many customers, including Texas Instruments, TSMC, The Panel Five, etc., all of them are our long-term customers, which laying our foundation for transportation and lifting projects in Taiwan and the world.
Dare to Imagine, Global Wide Perspective, Reach a New Peak
The chairman Mr. Hu HanYan started to learn the knowledge of crane since he was 15. He is not just a chairman but also a skilled oporator.
After he succeed the chairman, he expanded the field of tranpsort and lifting, brought our company another high growth period.
The key factors to Chi Deh's position as the leader in Taiwan's lifting industry are the creative mentality and precise vision of the present chairman, Mr. Hu HanYan.
To The World, Charity Taiwan.
In the past 45 years, since its establishment, with the path expanding in Taiwan and global, it was not only precise visions, professional leaders, international-class equipment and an experienced team. The Wuji Yaochi Gold Mother's suggestion to the founder, Mr. Hu Pengfei, is an important grace for us.
During the expanding, such as the purchase of machinery and equipment, the management of teams, etc., the Words of Wuji Yaochi Gold Mother has created world-class achievements. With highest gratitude, ChiDeh built temples across Taiwan and dedicate ourself to public welfare in order to promote the grace and glory throughout Taiwan.
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